The Compassion Journey

Discover how you can make a difference in the life of a child. See how our church is influencing a community.

This free event is available online, from the comfort of your own home. The Compassion Journey will connect you to some of the realities faced by children growing up in extreme poverty through the true story of a girl named Patience. See life from a different perspective and participate in thought-provoking conversations with your family or housemates as you journey with Patience from poverty to hope. Register now to receive access to this limited-time online experience.

Because of your generosity

195 children in the city of Ocotal, Nicaragua will receive food, education, and medical care every month in the name of Jesus. There's no way to accurately measure the effect both current and eternal in the lives of families in this community!

We are partnering with Pastor Pablo and the church he leads in Ocotal. Beginning in 2022, we will take people just like you on short-term mission trips to Ocotal. Share the gospel and meet needs in the community we support and have an opportunity to meet the child you sponsored. Our goal is greater than a momentary meal or temporary help. We want to build a lasting friendship that influences eternity for us all.

Owen Gothanga

Owen was a child in Kenya. A Compassion International sponsor began helping Owen in the name of Jesus. He was rescued out of poverty. More than financial poverty. Owen placed his faith in Jesus Christ.

Today. he is an accountant who supports other Compassion children and shares his story with others. Press play to hear his story.